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Sphider-5.5.0 – This is the latest WorldSpaceFlight modification to Sphider. This version is PHP 8.3 ready, has integrated image indexing and search capability, can index RSS feeds, has the ability to determine web page encoding. and is equipped to handle multibyte character strings. This in turn causes indexed items to be properly stored in the database and yields improved search results. MySQL and MariaDB databases are supported. The search page is integrated to support your choice of any combination of legacy search, image search, or RSS search. Sphider now has the ability to create page link reports. This version of Sphider also has improved security protecting against URL manipulation attacks.

Sphider requires a minimum of PHP 7.0.0.  Curl, mbsting, and openssl extensions are required. Imagick is recommended for the full version.

SphiderLite 2.6.0- This edition is the same as Sphider 5.5.0 except it has no image or RSS capabilities, or the ability to create link reports. It provides a smaller footprint for those needing ONLY text index and search functionality.


Catdoc-0.94.2-win32 – Catdoc is a port to Windows of catdoc, catppt, and xls2csv utilities found in Linux. This is a third-party compilation containing Windows binaries as well as source code.