Sphider has a new home

Sphider – a PHP spider and search engine

While this blog will continue to provide news and information about Sphider, and links to downloads will continue to be provided from the blog, the principal home for Sphider is now:

http://www.sphidersearch.com or https://www.sphider.worldspaceflight.com. Either url will bring you to the same page. The Spider Forum has not moved and is accessible from the new domain.

Besides the main page, there is a downloads page, an About page, a document page from which the Sphider User’s Guide may be downloaded, and a changelog page. Other pages will be added as the need arises.

Blog spammers revealed

Blog spam….

Askimet is a blessing as MOST spam I never even see. And practically all the rest ends up being flagged as probable spam, which it inevitably is. I’ve only had ONE legitimate comment I’ve had to rescue from there. While I simply delete the contents of the spam queue, I still like to track the WORST offenders. I thought I might share my (growing) list with whoever is interested. Most of the time, it is individual IP’s, but once in awhile I find an entire block of addresses that are infested with blog spammers.