Dilemmas in modern math

Modern math is plagued by societal problems. One problem is the opinion that math is racist and the answer to 2 + 2 is only a biased opinion. But racism isn’t the only issue affecting modern math. Consider the following problems.

Problem:  There are only 5 books on the study table, but you have 14 books. How many books are missing from the study table?

Answer. Not enough information to answer the question. How many of the 14 books you have did you take from the study table? How many other people also took books from the study table?

Problem: There were 90 kites in a shop, and the shopkeeper was left with only 5 kites. How many kites does the shopkeeper sell?

Answer: Not enough information to answer the question. What is the shoplifting rate at this store?

Problem: A magician was invited to perform at a birthday party. The magician arrived at the party with 18 balloons. On the way, 7 balloons got blown away. So how many balloons did the magician have in the beginning?

Answer: Again, not enough information. How many balloons did the magician leave behind when the shooting started?

Problem: William had a few chocolates with him. Jack came along and took away five of his chocolates, intending to leave seven for William. What can we assume from this information?

Answer: William has twelve chocolates and Jack has a bloody nose. If Jack had only asked, things may have turned out differently.

Life used to be so simple.