Sphider 5.5.0 and SphiderLite 2.6.0 have been released

Sphider 5.5.0 and SphiderLite 2.6.0 have been released.

An error in which checking “Index decimals” in settings caused pages to not index was corrected. Along with this fix, the option of choosing which decimal separator is to be used, decimal period or decimal comma. Prior to this, Sphider just assumed the separator was a decimal period, which excluded half the world which uses a decimal comma. Indexing numbers in general was improved by stripping the thousands separator in large numbers. In addition, the ability to actually search for indexed decimals has been added.

Also new is the ability for sitemaps which are compressed to be read (*.xml.gz). The limitation is that the uncompressed file size must not exceed 100,000 bytes. This should still be enough to link 500 url’s per xml.gz file.

One column name in the settings table was changed to avoid a conflict with a MySQL reserved word.

There was also several code deprecation fixes applied. Testing is being done using PHP 8.3.

The Sphiderlite version got a fix for “Update settings” actually corrupting the settings file.

One thing to note about the ability to xml.gz files, the UNCOMPRESSED size of the xml file must NOT exceed 100000 bytes! If the uncompressed size exceeds 100000 bytes, the file will be invalid and totally ignored. Even with this limitation, that is still large enough to accommodate over 500 URL’s.