Minor corrections to PDO Sphider versions

It has come to our attention there are typos in the code for all PDO versions. For the normal PDO (MySQL/MariaDB), spider.php and spiderfuncs.php have been slightly modified. Spider.php had a single typo. Sphiderfuncs.php was missing 5 lines of code. While the version number is unchanged, the new download is designated as 2.0.0a.

For the PostgreSQL and SQLite versions, only sphider.php contained a single typo each. No other files are affected. As with the regular PDO, the version is unchanged by the download designations are shown as 2.0.0a.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. During testing of all these versions. these anomalies were uncaught and thus it seems that, for the most part, crawling functionality was not adversely impacted, although it COULD be under certain circumstances.

Our deepest thanks go out to Ed Parrish for having caught these issues.

2 Responses to Minor corrections to PDO Sphider versions

  1. The download link to the 2.0 PDO version is broken. I’m guessing that you probably took it down to fix the problems that you mention here, but the page you get after clicking the link will confuse a lot of people.

    I’m really looking forward to trying this out. I was a Sphider user years back, and have been looking for an updated version for a long time. Thanks for releasing this!

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