Critical update to SphiderLite, SphiderLite 1.3.1 released

A critical flaw was discovered in SphiderLite which affected the indexing of URLs. This has been corrected in 1.3.1.

All users of previous versions of SphiderLite are urged to STOP USING IMMEDIATELY and upgrade to version 1.3.1. It does seem that initial indexing with no special circumstances was successful in prior versions, re-indexing was adversely affected. If Sphider was allowed to leave the domain, there could also have been adverse effects.

The cause of the problem? SphiderLite is a scaled down version of the full featured Sphider. When the full version was scaled down, some function parameters unique to the the full version were inadvertently retained, throwing off the parameter sequence in the Lite version.

SphiderLite 1.3.1, in addition to fixing this critical flaw, has also improved the method of determining a page’s character set, improved filtering of emojis, and improved filtering of unwanted characters in the indexing of keywords.

Sphider 3.6.0-MB is UNAFFECTED by the flaw discovered in SphiderLite. It will, however, soon be updated with the same additional improvements in this Lite version.